Dental Elite

They provide to our local community and we want to help them to raise awareness of Mental Health.

Dental Elite howled and the Wolf Pack came running...

As part of our year long fundraising mission to support our local C&W Mind we have accepted the challenge of the Wolf Run - a 10K obstacle race, through the open country side, through freezing lakes, into mud pits and (hopefully) sliding over the finishing line!

And what a team we have gathered! If you have received this link then someone you know has accepted this challenge and needs you to show your support of by sponsoring them!

The Dental Elite Wolf Pack consists of:
Paul Wilkinson, Luke Arnold, Helen Craine, Georgio Jankowski, Laura Dewes, Charlie Stevens, Phil Kolodynski, Lisa McClusker, Laura Rollins, Daniel Lloyd, Sharon Pollitt, Ian Pollitt, Shannon Moxham, Natalie Meehan, Ryan Timms, Daniel McClusker, Christopher Lamarliere, Leigh Neal, Sunil Gupta, Richard Tyrer, Richard Tomlinson, Chris Wilkinson, Kelly Merrigan, Dandy Weeks and Shayla Jones!!

Please donate as much as you can to help us tick more items off the 'Wish List' we asked our Local branch of Mind for - this means that with each challenge we take on we are making a tangible difference to the local branch and the people in our community that access this service!

Any donation big or small is gratefully received - with so many of us in the team be sure to leave your name on the donation so we know who to thank!

THANK YOU! Howwwwllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dental Elite