The Buddy Service is a mentoring project that helps young people experiencing isolation and loneliness to feel more confident, empowered and connected by reaching personal goals. Recently the funding for this service ended therefore we are now entirely relying on donations. Please help us to continue providing this free service that has helped hundreds of young people since 2010. However big or small every penny counts!

Having someone to go out with every week and talk to helped me see that I could enjoy myself and learn to trust people again.


Nationally one in ten young people are considered to have a mental health disorder (Office for National Statistics) and it is estimated that 20% will have a mental health problem in any given year (Mental Health Foundation). 

In an average classroom:

  • 10 young people will have witnessed their parents separate;
  • 8 will have experienced severe physical violence, sexual abuse or neglect;
  • 1 will have experienced the death of a parent; and
  • 7 will have been bullied

(Young Minds)

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